Participating in TelenorLigaen fourth division

Of 358 teams signed up and participating, we have landed ourselves (after qualification rounds) a spot in the fourth division, where we have won our two first matches. We look forward to continue to strive for perfection and win our division for a spot in the third division next season.

All teams ready for ESL One Katowice

The 16 teams that will compete about 250 000 USD in March, is now ready and official. With the offline qualifiers the final eight competing teams, it is now clear which teams will fight for the chance to compete for first place and 100 000 USD in ESL One Katowice.

Changes on Cobblestone

Like the title says. The map Cobblestone have recently been redeveloped to some aspects. The map has been made more even and more usable towards the competitive scene in our opinion. Hopefully cobble will be a map we see more of in the future. Read the full story to see all the changes made to the map.

Katowice qualifiers adds four

Offline qualifiers have received an additional four participating teams when three non-European teams will be invited to qualify and also the Polish pre-qual is done.

LGB present at Pantamera Challenge

The qualifiers for this weekend's Pantamera Challenge has been completed, and it is Norwegian LGB eSports who finishes in the top. In the qualifying finals, they managed to defeat German Playing Ducks with comfortable 2-0, with 16-6 and 16-5 as the results on the maps Cache and Mirage.

Epsilon grows stronger

As you all know, there was an big upheaval in the French esport scene about one week ago. Today, Epsilon welcomes the two new players who will take the place of Richard ‘shox’ Papillon and Fabien ‘Kioshima’ Fiey. They have now signed on headshot legend Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom and Kévin ‘Uzzziii’ Vernel.

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